Who's Behind Axenda?

Our team consists of software engineers, designers and students who get things done with an iterative, fast-paced approach and create remarkable experiences.
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Meet the team

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Hadi Albinsaad
Ceo + Founder

Software Engineer from KFUPM. Worked at Experto, Udacity, Sary, Mohtwize and now SAFCSP.

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Afaf Alsamel
CMO + Desiner

Lead UX designer at HALA. Worked at Mabaat, IT shield, IEEE Saudi Arabia Section, and GDSC.

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Nawaf Shawan
Software Engineer

Hard-working software developer, building and developing mobile & web apps.

Axenda culture

Why our team are so good? REALLY:)
We put people above all else
We stand for the quality first
We drive ongoing change
We support each other

Want to work with us?

Join us in empowering the world to develop platforms students love.


We're so grateful for your support. Thank you for joining us in our journey, without you this wouldn't be possible💚.

Abdulaziz Alqahtani
Abdulelah Hajjar
Abdullah Mzaien
Ahmed Alqunber

Axenda Challenge Program

We provide a training program for enthusiasts who would like to level up in their careers and build something meaningful to benefit society 🙌.

2022 Batch

Huda Alshayeb
Khaled Alasbali
Maaz Alside
Majid Sahari
Mohammed Alessi
Omar Alzare
Omar Hejazi
Osamah Mehifoodh
Razan Alhamdan
Thamer Altoimi
Abdullah Alharbi
Abdulrahman Hatem
Ahmad Alnasser
Areej Imdad
Feras Alhazmi
Hadi Almarzooq
Sara Alshreef
Shaden Almana
Sumayyah Alsaid
To be consistent ;)

The start of the story


Back to 2019 ,the idea started when Hadi (the founder) was studying. At the beginning of each semester, students get overwhelmed by planning to enroll in their classes. He knew that the solution had to be simple. And that is done by developing a simple app that helps students manage their courses.


In 2020, about 10 students contributed to develop our first product PLANNER (before it was named Khotta), and that made Khotta team have the spark of excitement to share the process of developing Khotta with other students too. Later, many new students joined Axenda and that led to start new projects to share and gain experiences with each other. 


Now, our cross-function team is in the process of creating a one-stop-shop for all the knowledge, guidance, tools, and community for students to achieve their potential, and even more!